by Runt

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The second album by Dunedin band Runt. Released in 1997.


released February 1, 1997

Richard Strang: Vocals/Bass
Brad Martin: Guitar
Matt Tane: Drums

Produced by Tim Kitto & Runt

Engineered and mixed by Tim Kitto

Recorded at Strawberry Sound, Dunedin, New Zealand

All tracks written and performed by Runt

Cover design/art by Leighton Anderson

Thanks to Tim, Leighton, Gav, Linda, Tony, Thirsty the cat, Nathan, Jamie, Jim, garth, Piers, Eugene, Rick, Gazza



all rights reserved


Runt New Zealand

From Dunedin, NZ, Runt performed between 1993 - 1999. They are still remembered as an exciting live act and their two albums are available exclusively here.

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Track Name: Brain
With every twist of your mind
A new creation
You wander in and out
Of different worlds
And everything works perfectly
Who's at the controls

It's your brain...

What goes on in there, do your
Thoughts come from this thing?
It knows all
A container for your mind
And it knows your history
It determines what you are
Track Name: Hole and a Half
Half man, half pig
And half machine
A trip bashing fiend
Your second coming
Has long since been
Your welcome's there
But it's cold

Tear it out, keep it clean
You're talking shit
It's all foreign to me
I've broken down to a crawl

I don't know what your tar
And feathers for
But stop walking away

You're leaking oil, a tinge of green
And bearing down on me
Is this the worst it can be?

Free yourself into the dream
Take it on the chin you fool
You believe what you see

Half machine and half man
Eat yourself straight from the can
Track Name: Happening Man
With agold chain
He wouldn't be seen dead
Too much
He picks his spot
And it's dimly litten also

He's a happening man
In his own mind
Only in his own mind

He's not even in here
And he's not me
In his mind
Your life is in his hands
He's too much

And he sees now
That his preflight nerves
Are out of control now
Tormenting him again
He plays such a small part in this
And he hates just that side of it
He could trip now; he's happening

He's dragged the chain
So he's glad of a change now
There's little chance
Of reality hitting him for too long
Track Name: Drained
As empty as a broken bowl
A vacant lot, a gaping hole
What does it take? just everything
What does it leave? just n othing
It's always good to get away

Look inside, look inside
You heart is mush, chin up

A tidal wave is above your head
Just swim for safety
In the form of some good friends
It's amazing
How quick they can scatter
Oh well, it doesn't matter
It's happened before
And it will happen again

I feel completely drained
Even my legs can't
Take my weight, they buckle
Under my feet it's green
But it's not the best I've ever seen
I was younger then
And everything I was told
Turned out to be sort of true
So I've come to the conclusion
I should just try everything once
And learn from experience

Like a deep cut
It's simply gushing out
With lead eyelids
It's kind of hard to see the light
As the dark consumes
But I'm exaggerating
I'm simply bored of being normal
It's a curse about me
I'm simply pouring out
And I feel drained
Track Name: Dependent
In your presence
I am not responsible
For my actions
But it;s here I find relief
In your womb I am safe and sound
And your love is the fluid
That surrounds me
If I never see the light of day again
Well I can't be, I can't be concerned

But I'm concerned about it
Because I've become a dependent

I know I've become dependable
I crave you
Like a shadow craves the sun
If I never, ever leave again
Well I can't be concerned
Track Name: Wade
It' sodden under foot
Pools of persistence they lie
Always in the same place
Always at the lowest point

And all the scattered rain
Is absolutely soaking wet
The ground is full now, thank you
I can't even reach the chives

If I counted up the days
When I didn't have to wade
I would be holding up
Just one hand
And it wouldn't be to wave
If I lay down on my back
I could float out across the yard
And I could bottle up all my
Thoughts on this day
Then I'd know
I'd been this way

Then as quick as lightening
All the clouds departed
Out to see and I
I realized if I was quick enough
I could catch them on a breeze
Track Name: Permanent Grin
Life was floating by
When I caught it out
The corner of my eye
And I was thinking
That is all I need
This is all I need

A little privacy
A place where I can be
And now I'm thinking
That is where I'll see
This is all I need

A little space in the sun
And there upon my face
You'll see my permanent grin

Don't knock my scene
Because I've been you
And now it's plain to see
Yes, it's plain to me
This is all I need
Track Name: Teeth
Can't see past your own self
You're always thinking of yourself
And trying to line your pockets
With the money I pay
You're sticking with your own kind
Maybe you should pack it in
You're always thinking of yourself

Just another way of lying
Through your teeth
You're staring straight at me
And proving nothing here
But your incompetency

Put yourself in my shoes
You might discover what it's like
Or even worse; you could be living
Like a bum on the street
Who's picking through a can
He would like to do you in
You're always thinking
Of yourself
Track Name: Poor Old Soul
Gutterscum poor old soul
Living in the gutter his home
Wasn't always this way though