by Runt

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The debut album by Dunedin band Runt. Runt existed between 1993 and 1999, during which time they built up a large local following. Two albums were released during their career and have been extremely hard to come by...until now!

Recorded @ Volt Studios, Dunedin, NZ, Waitangi Weekend 1995

Engineered by Brendon Hoffman

Produced by Brendon Hoffman & Runt

Remixed @ Strawberry Sound, Dunedin, NZ, 1997 by Tim Kitto

Cover design/art by Leighton Anderson

Thanks to Leighton, Brendon, Tim, Garth, Jamie, Eugene, Gav, Gazza, Nathan, Rick, Jim, David, Linda, Jane, Fold, Eve, Humania, Strange Brew


released May 1, 1995

Richard Strang: Vocals/Bass
Brad Martin: Guitar
Matt Tane: Drums

All tracks written and performed by Runt
except 'Lucky Leech' written by Runt & E. Shields



all rights reserved


Runt New Zealand

From Dunedin, NZ, Runt performed between 1993 - 1999. They are still remembered as an exciting live act and their two albums are available exclusively here.

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Track Name: Gift
I'm a surprise of flesh and blood
My wrapping paper is my skin
Beneath my layers it's a trick
You think I'm big, I'm really small
If left alone I come apart
Reveal my inner, ruin your day
I am a gift you cannot trade
You have to keep, keep me away

Keep me a secret, keep me a secret
Keep me a secret, You couldn't if you tried
Keep me a secret, I'm disappointed now

A beacon is a christmas tree
We lie below my pals and I
My tartan outer's very in
Why can't I just be dressed in black?
Track Name: Worst
There's a stone wall
And I'm beating my head
I'm getting nowhere
With you I can't understand it
I've got my head in my hands
Well this is not how I planned it

It's the worst I've heard
The worst I've ever heard
These relationships, well
It's the worst I've heard

I've got a sore mouth
From talking too much
I've got a sore mind
Seems what we've got here
Some misdirection
And these are sure signs
Track Name: Runt
You should be scared it, doesn't show
You gonna die, you don't know
Flat-featured face, curly tail
Your porky brother's for sale
You were born number nine
The mother is doing fine
Now put your head on the block
You're the runt, you're the runt

Chop, chop away, yeah
Chop, chop away, yeah
Chop, chop away
Or drown me in a barrel of pity

The lovely sty you'll never see
The lengthy life you'll never lead
It's Mr Farmer's decision
This euthanasia is swingin'
Track Name: Sunray Coat
Bought a brand new rain coat
Wore it in the sun
In the sun, in the sun
Waited for the changing
But the change, it didn't come
It didn't come, it didn't come

Just couldn't understand
Why nobody cared
Nobody cared, nobody cared
But while things remained the same
He remained prepared
Remained prepared, remained prepared

In his new sunray coat

Bought a jacket with a label
Quality you couldn't see
Couldn't see, could not see
A black mole on your right leg
And a pain beyond belief
Beyond belief, beyond belief

In his new sunray coat
Track Name: Schitzo
There's a young girl inside the woman
Who wishes she'd come out more often
She scratches at parts of her body
That ain't seen the sun since the thirties

There's someone in the closet
Banging on the back of the door
Another personality
Who's it gonna be now?

There's a bad man inside the good man
Looking over his escape plan
He's promised to make an appearance
Reveal himself to the world
Track Name: Faken
He said he liked her, it made her happy
It made her feel warm inside
A simple illusion, just for his benefit
Simply feeding his pride

So don't let it go to your head
He was only joking

She said she knew just how he felt there
She didn't know him at all
Down on the carpet, he suddenly noticed
That she was having a ball

But don't let it go to your head
She was only faking

But down by the fire, How could they deny it
They lay in the heat and they burned for a while
Track Name: Fall
You could have been Hitler or Jesus
Or the reincarnation of somebody famous
You could have died in a fire
You could have been Elvis
But you couldn't be higher

These personality changes
Is it the past talking to you?
Or the shrapnel in your temple?
I hate how life leaves you hanging
And you spend your whole lifespan
shit-scared about death, man

There's a time to fall, a time to fall
And a time to rise again
There's a time to just call it quits
And admit that it's the end

It must be bad to be alive
When you've got nothing to live for
But good to be alive
When you're with someone you'd die for
Track Name: Jack
Locked and keyed upon the coil
Life in darkness, painted on smile
Deep inside his wooden head
A wooden mind, I wouldn't mind

Call me Jack and I won't come
Painted mouth has left me dumb
Seldom seen beyond these walls
Of course, if I could see at all

Six years, six walls, six years, six walls
Six years, six walls, six years since...
Jack's out of the box

Happy-go-lucky man
Sorry, no luck today
Fear claustrophobia
Love of more spacier
Track Name: Super Hero
Super hero, I don't think so
Super hero, just a dreamer
Stranger from another planet
He's a man we cannot trust

People love him, he's a winner
South of here, he's real big
He's a man with large intentions
He's a man we cannot trust

He's got my heckles up, I'm seeing red, ha ha
But petrified as well as mad, ha ha
The superman is in his head, ha ha
He's someone I would like to be

But can't believe
Track Name: Relish
You say your life revolves around
The word that you heard
You mean your life revolves around
The word that you thought you heard
You read the book and seen the light
Now what is left for you
A good excuse, and a scapegoat
For everything that is untrue

You can get away from that one
You can get away from that
I can get the feel for that one
I can get the feel for that

You're fading quick
Your clever wit now in a shallow grave
Where is your mind
I think you'll find you've given it away

You can get the feel for that one
You can get the feel for that
I can get the feel for this one
I can get the feel for that

It's making you lie, it's making you lie
You think you're spiritually higher
It's making you a liar

You need an excuse, you need an excuse
You think you're gonna win
You think I'm gonna lose

But you can get away from that one
I can get away from that
I can get the feel for this one
I can get the feel for that
Track Name: Toyman
Keep I away...
I can't
Show me how it works...
I don't
Know how to grow...
I won't
Wanna grow up...
When I can

Visit the toyman
Mr supply man
Of marijuana
You fuck my mind, man

This is the life...
Your Life
Listen to this...
There is a place...
I know
Stick in the mud...
I'll go
Track Name: Yo Yo
Find myself around here often
Deep dark hole down Satan's well
Me don't think he has forgotten
He can see it all

Get down to devilish rhythms
All bad children go to hell
Goody goodies go to heaven
Now I can see it all

And if you push me away
I'm gonna be a yo yo
If you push me away
I'm gonna be a yo yo yo

You're better with the devil you know so well
You're better with the devil you know and love

An opportunity like this
Only comes along once in a lifetime
You could do a lot worse than this
And if you find yourself confused by options
Go with what you knew first